The Hall of the Niš Symphony Orchestra, 20:00 hrs


Repertoire of „Kreativo“ quartet encompass compositions of all epoques, from Baroque to contemporary music, and also distinct arrangements of pop and rock music, which they create themselves. Beside collaboration with experienced artists, ensemble also collaborates with young, aspiring performers.

The ensemble makes very frequent appearances in its hometown, anent various festivities and jubilees, humanitarian and sport events, such as „St. Sava Ball“, Davis Cup, „Cure all the Children“... String quartet „Kreativo“ had a notable performance in Kosovo and they appeared twice at Nishville Jazz Festival. This is their first introduction to Niš Music Festival.

Ana Stanković , born in 1975, in Niš. Graduated from College of Music in Niš, in the class of Tanja Petrović-Đorgovski. She has studied at Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, in the class of professor Ištvan Varga and graduated in the class of professor Dejan Božić.

Furthermore, she attended classes at the Department of Early Music in “Slavenski” music school, in Belgrade, where she studied viola da gamba in the class of professor Miomir Ristić. She was developing her skills further at master classes with professor Ištvan Varga and Imra Kalman.

Actively giving concerts, she is a member of various chamber orchestras: piano trio “Masala”, chamber orchestra “Konstantinus”, one of the founders and members of “Impresija” orchestra. With string quartet “Kreativo”, she has been performing since its foundation. With aforementioned ensembles, she performed in Austria, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria and across Serbia. She is an employee of Niš Symphony Orchestra.

Vesna Pejić born in 1981, in Niš. Completed elementary and secondary music education at the Strings Department, in the class of professor Biljana Jovanović. She has graduated from Faculty of Arts in Niš, in the class of professor Vesna Rilak Stanimirović. Acquired a master’s degree in the class of professor Ognjenj Stančev. She held numerous recitals and she has also achieved success as a chamber musician of chamber orchestra of Faculty of Arts „Končertante“, string orchestra „Amoroso“, string orchestra „Constantinus“ and string quartet „Aperto“, with whom she performed in Austria, Spain, Italy, France and Serbia. Currently, she is a member of the „Carica Teodora“ string orchestra, with whom she also performed as a soloist. During her career as a educator, she recieved many awards with her students at national and international contests. She is a member of string quartet „Kreativo“.

Sanja Jović Đorđević was born in 1984, in Tetovo (Macedonia). She has acquired elementary and secondary music education at Shool for Music Talents in Ćuprija. Sanja has graduated and specialized studies of violin at Faculty of Arts in Niš, in the class of professor Angel Stankov and continued doctoral studies under his mentorship. She has developed her skills further at masterclasses of eminent violin professors.
Together with pianist Bojan Mladenović, she gave a concert tour of recital type, under the auspices of Ministry of Culture. As a soloist, she colaborated with famous conductors such as Emmanuel Leduc, Svilen Simeonov, Angel Stankov, Suzana Kostić, Zoran Stanisavljević...

As a concertmaster, a soloist and chamber musician, she has performed in Bulgaria, Greece,Macedonia, Montenegro,Ukraine, Spain, Portugal and across Serbia. She was a winner of the scholarship given by Fund for Young Talents and also City of Niš. Winner of the scholarship for stimulation of artistic researching work, given by Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia to most successful doctorants of 2009/10. She has acquired scholarship from organizer for participating at summer violin academy in Semering (Austria) and also scholarship Kayaleh, from violin academy in Switzerland, for perfecting with professor Habib Kayaleh (one of the most prominent students of J. Menuhin),aimed at soloist and stage performers. She is employed as an assistant concertmaster at Niš Symphony Orchestra. One of the founders and concertmaster of revue orchestra „Impresija“ and a first violin of strings quartet „Kreativo“.

Suzana Savić was born in Niš, in 1966. She has completed elementary and secondary music education at the Strings Department (viola) in the class of Ognjen Rilak. Suzana continues studies in Skopje, int the class of Ljubomir Gospodinov. As a graduated musician, she becomes a member of the Macedonian Philharmonic. Upon return to Niš, she’s been employed as a leader of violas group at the Niš Symphony Orchestra. She is a member of various orchestras and chamber ensembles in Niš.

Đorđe Hartl is born in Niš, in 1997. Started music education at the age of 8 in Music school in Niš, learning piano. His father, Josip – Joško Hartl passes his drumming skills to him. In 2013, Đorđe started attending classes professor Siniša Jović’s classes winning the first prize at the Drum Dum festival in Leskovac. He graduated from secondary music school in Niš, at music theory department and also secondary music school „Stanković“ in Belgrade, at the department for percussions. Đorđe is a student of Faculty of Arts in Niš, at the Percussions Department, in the class of professor Boris Bunjac.

Member of the Youth Philharmonic Naissus with whom he performed in Italy , Austria, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Slovakia as a timpanist. Collaborates with Niš Symphony Orchestra, revue orchestra „Impresija“, with Bojana and Nikola Peković as a member of „Umetnička porodica“, the Big Band of Niš, and also performed with many musicians and bands: Kerber, Generacija 5, Deliverance Inc. , JaazbukA Band, Error 404, Sarah Mace, Blackberries Band, Coffee Shop, Al Jazzeera, Danijel Kamjakoski, Mladen Vojičić – Tifa, Marko Marković, Najda, Gale, Oliver Katić, Markonjero...

1. Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water
2. The Doors - Break on Trough to the Other Side
3. AC/DC - Medley
4. Queen - Medley
5. The Rolling Stones - Paint to Black
6. Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven
7. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
8. Guns ‘N Rosses -Sweet Child of Mine
9. Metallica - Fade to Black
10. Kiss - I Was Made for Loving You
11. Metallica - Nothing Else Matters
12. Black Sabbath - Paranoid
13. Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall
14. Led Zeppelin - Kashmir