The Hall of the Niš Symphony Orchestra, 20:00 hrs

Jovan Kolundžija and Chamber Orchestra - String St. George

Jovan Kolundžija

Jovan Kolundžija was born in Belgrade, where he graduated from the Belgrade Academy of music under professor peter Toškov and continued his post-graduate studies with professor Henryk Szeryng, becoming his favorite disciple. During his remarkable career, he gave over four thousand concerts at home and all over the world. Jovan Kolundžija has established the guarnerius Centre for Fine Arts in Belgrade, named after the guarnerius violin from 1754, on which he has been playing for three decades. „guarnerius“ is the most exclusive chamber hall in Belgrade. in the year 2013, guarnerius Art Centre was, by the government of the republic of Serbia, given the status of the Cultural institution of national importance. numerous awards and prizes testify to his high artistic achievements: -Special Diploma at the Wieniawski Competition in poznan, 1967; -Diploma at the Jacques Thibault Competition in paris, 1969; -Special Diploma at the Carl Flesh Competion in London, 1970; -First prize at the Sabre marroquin Competition in mexico, 1971; -Award of the Hungarian Television - Budapest, 1971; -„golden Lyra“ (the highest yugoslav award for musicians) for the concert achievements 1974- 1979; -The plaque of the City of Sarajevo, 2007; -republic recognition “Kapetan miša Anastasijević” for the world affirmation of Serbian music culture, 2014; -„Vuk Award“ for a long-term contribution to development of the Serbian culture, 2014 etc. in 1994, as a soloist, maestro Kolundžija has performed a program „The magnificent Ten“, consisting of ten different concertos by various composers, in only four days with St. george Strings and Belgrade philharmonic Orchestra. The end of 2008 was marked by another masterful endeavour of Jovan Kolundžija. He performed a program „Do you Love Beethoven“ consisting of complete opus of Beethoven’s sonatas for solo violin and piano, during four successive days. in 2009, Kolundžija performed a program „Bravissimo maestro mozart!“, consisting of 15 mozarts sonatas during four days. in 2010, Jovan Kolundžija had enclosed the idea of performing the entire sonata opus of great composers. project „in the Honour of the great Brahms“ brought to us all the Bramhs sonatas for violin and piano. Kolundžija has done numerous recordings which were broadcasted by many international TV and radio stations. He has more than 300 hours of recorded programs for rTS alone and gave many benefit concerts.

Chamber Orchestra - String St. George

For the royal Strings of, the following musicians will play: Violins: miljana popović materni, Jelena Dragnić, Danilo noaković, natalija Stošić, Jovana Stošić, Anja petković, Ljubomir Trujanović. Violas: miloš Simić, nemanja Živanović, Cellos: Srđan Sretenović, Stefan gavrilović. Bass: Slobodan gerić The royal Strings of was founded in 1992 upon the initiative of a group of students from the School for musical Talents in Ćuprija and the professor petar ivanović. Since its beginning, many generations of outstanding musicians performed in this Belgrade chamber orchestra. The First prize on the international youth music Competition in Belgrade in 1996 that was achieved by the professor petar ivanović lead, made the orchestra one of the most prominent orchestras in the country. The very same year, the orchestra was invited to perform the concert in London on the occasion of 50th Anniversary of UniCeF. Upon suggestion and invitation of professor petar ivanović, from 2006 to 2011 the role of the music director was given to the worldwide renown violinist, gordan nikolić. music marathon called music Challenge, when under the lead of gordan nikolić the orchestra performed all mozart concerts for the violin and the Symphony no.29 in A major was awarded the Belgrade City Award as the best concert in 2006. The concert with the violinist roman Simović performed on november 15th 2011 at Zadužbina ilije m. Kolarca was recognized as the concert of the year by the magazine „muzika Klasika“. Their concerts are highly praised by the audience as well as the music critics and experts from the country and abroad. Besides the published critics, numerous recordings for the radio and television, as well as 18 CDs can confirm the high artistic achievements of the orchestra. They have performed over 2000 concerts in the country and abroad. Their repertoir includes different kinds and epochs - form the period of Baroque to the contemporary music. The orchestra regularly performs pieces of Serbian composers, some of which were devoted to this orchestra, as well as the pieces of chamber music arranged for the strings orchestra. Their music profile, enthusiasm and zeal created very warm connections with the soloists, conductors and composers. Within the orchestra there are several chamber ensembles which have had many concerts, performing at prestigious domestic festivals (international Tribune of Composers, BeLeF, KOmA etc.). Out of many tours and visits, we can mention those in great Britain, the netherlands, germany, Sweden, Ukraine, russia, Hungary, macedonia, Slovenia italy, Austria, montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The royal Strings of St,george have regular performances on prestigious festivals: BemUS, nOmUS, BeLeF, nimUS, Ohrid Summer Festival, interfest Bitola, The Days of mokranjac, Budva Theatre City, Sarajevo Festival, international Tribune of Composers.


Јохан Себастиан Бах / Johann Sebastian Bach
из Сонате бр. 1 - г-мол за соло виолину
/ from Sonate br. 1 - g-moll for solo violin
Adagio Fuga
Волфган Амадеус Моцарт / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Дивертименто Д-дур / Divertimento in D major
Allegro Andante Presto
Томасо Антонио Витали / Tomaso Antonio Vitali чакона /
Јохан Себастиан Бах / Johann Sebastian Bach
ариа / Aria
Едвард Григ / Edvard Grieg
Холберт свита, Прелудиум / Holbertsuite, preludium
Михел Легранд / Michel Legrand
“тата, чујеш ли ме“ / “papa can you hear me” Камиј Сен-Санс / Camille Saint-Saëns Интродукција и рондо каприциосо
/ introduction et rondo capriccioso