The Hall of the Niš Symphony Orchestra, 20:00 hrs

Sasha Nikolovski – Gjumar

Sasha Nikolovski – Gjumar (conductor) was born in 1966 in Bitola. Graduated at Skopje Faculty of Musical Arts, department of Musical Theory and Pedagogy, as well as department of Composition and conducting with prof. F. Muratovski. Since 1993. he was Artistic Director and conductor of the Jeunesses Musicales of Macedonian orchestra and chief conductor of Youth Chamber Orchestra. In 1995 he conducted on 50th Anniversary of World Federation Jeunesses Musicales in Budapest. He was the founder and conductor of the “Synthesis” International Orchestra, performing in Macedonia and abroad (Romania, Hungary, Bosnia, etc.). Nikolovski continued his education in Sanct Peterburg with I. Musin and M. Kukusin. Since 1996, he has been living in Macedonia where he closely cooperates with various ensembles such as: choir and orchestra of Faculty of Music Art in Skopje, Youth Chamber Orchestra, Jeunesses Musicales of Macedonian orchestra, Macedonian Opera and Ballet, Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, Macedonian Chamber Orchestra and Ensemble ALEA. In 1999, Nikolovski obtained his Mater degree at Academy Panco Vladigerov in Sofia (Bulgaria). During his Master studies he specialized in orchestral conducting under Professor V. Kazandzieva and opera conducting under Professor B. Hincev. For his work with Ensemble for Contemporary Music “Sveta Sofia” he received Georgi Bozikov Award for best performance at the Days of Macedonian Music Festival. Sasha Nikolovski – Gjumar performed in Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia. He teaches conducting and Opera studio at the Faculty of Music Art in Skopje.

Vangelis Trigas

Vangelis Trigas is bouzouki soloist and tutor. He was born in Argos and had his first experience with bouzouki, very early in his life, by his father, an amateur bouzouki player. His professional life as a soloist began at the age of 15. He worked with well-known musicians such as M. Farantouri, G. Dalaras, H. Alexiou, D. Mitropanos, M. Mitsias, M. Lida, M. Lidakis, V. Lekkas, G Andreatos, with whom he gave concerts in exceptional music stages in Greece and abroad. In 2015 he collaborated with the Neue Philarmonie Westfalen Symphony Orchestra as well as the Concert Choir Unna and the Universitätschor Essen. A breakthrough for him personally and for bouzouki, was the deep research he did and the study of the instrument, which resulted in a well-documented technique, followed by an integrated curriculum, equal to the ones of classical instruments. This work is contained in the three issues of the teaching Method, "Vangelis Trigas- Method for three string Bouzouki Vol 1,2,3", a complete teaching method for Bouzouki. In the recent years he is dedicated to the study of Greek Folk Music, having recorded and documented a great part of Greek folk music heritage. He is the author of 27 books that are listed in the series "Folk Composers", Rembetika and Folk Songs", "Bouzouki Instrumentals" and contain music sheets of songs and instrumentals as they were originally recorded. Trigas has recorded 6 CDs and participated in many other studio and live recordings such a in Herodeion with George Dalaras and Megaron of Athens. Apart from giving concerts, he teaches bouzouki and was the first to give lessons via SKYPE. He also shares his knowledge and point of view not only on Bouzouki but on Greek folk music in general, on seminar he gives in Greece and abroad. Trigas aims to establish an organized teaching method for Bouzouki in music school and conservatories, and to give a perspective to Bouzouki so it does not remain only a traditional instrument, but a modern one with an active role in the formation of contemporary Greek music.

Nikos Katsikis

Nikos Katsikis was born and raised in Athens. He discovered his love for music very early, since several of his uncles were musicians and exerted artistic influence on him. He started mandolin lessons with Sp. Hartofilakasat the age of 7, and played in several concerts and telecasts with the mandolin ensemble of „Music Lovers Athens Corfu Union”. He bought his first bouzouki at the age of 13. He was self-taught, and at the age of 14hestarted playing professionally in nightclubs. He then studied bouzouki, theory and harmony with the great teacher Themis Papavasiliou."Teachers" were for him all great bouzouki players, (Zambetas, Chiotis, Lemonopoulos, etc.) which he studied through their recordings. He played with famous soloists (Zafiiriou, Papadopoulos,Moraitis, Vizas) who really influenced his style on the instrument. In his long musical career he has collaborated with the most important Greek composers (M. Plesas, J. Spanos, S. Kraounakis, Th. Karamouratides) and the greatest Greek singers (S. Bellou, A. Repanis, H. Alexiou, D. Galani, A. Protopsalti, E. Arvanitaki, G, Dalaras, Y. Parios and others) оn concerts, recordings and in nightclubs, both in Greece and abroad. He has also worked with the ensemble "Manos Hadjidakis", the "Orchestra of Colours", the "Camerata", the folk orchestra "Mikis Theodorakis" and musical ensembles of ERT (Greek National Radio Television), in concerts at Herodium Theater and at the Athens Concert Hall. He appeared for the first time in national discography as a composer in 1998, in the album „Apo Choma kai Nero“(„By Soil and Water”) sung by D. Ifantis. In 1999 he founded, with three friends, who were bouzouki players (T. Vasilas, G. Altisand, P. Konstantinidis), a bouzouki quartet called "Rast" an innovative ensemble, with unexpected success in performances both in Greece and abroad, having recorded 2 CDs with instrumental music. Recently he created a trio called "Los Tre Swing" that combines the music of M. Chiotis with the swing style of D. Reinhard. He was the musical advisor of director M. Manousakisin the movie "Ouzeri Tsitsani" (2015). Since 1999 he has been teaching bouzouki in the youth center of the municipality of Dafni, while creating various student groups with children 8-18 years old.


Trajko Prokopiev (1909 – 1979)
Suite No 2: (On the Fair) from ballet Labin and Dorjana (1958)

Teodore Broutzakis (1969)
Concerto for 2 bouzoukies and orchestra

Zoran Simjanović (1946)
Film music suite

Soni Petrovski (1977)
Drunken dance