The Hall of the Niš Symphony Orchestra, 20:00 hrs

Mixed choir „Učiteljska lira“

Mixed choir „Učiteljska lira“ from Niš, part of the Association of Teachers, exists for 22 years. Having more than 350 successful performances, it is always present in cultural life of Niš city, Republic of Serbia from Gračanica to Subotica, and beyond (performances in Sofia – Bulgaria, Skopje – Macedonia, Sant Andrea – Hungary) etc.

The choir is distinguishable due to its rich repertoire, consisting of traditional and urban folk songs, sacred, patriotic and ethno music, and also romances and arias belonging to classical/ serious music. They also sing Italian, Russian ,Macedonian, Gypsy and Greek songs. It features emotion that spreads tonew horizons of friendship along great enthusiasm and love for quality music. Without love for music, art is inconceivable. Mixed choir „Učiteljska lira“ will attend choir meetings in Temerin and Corfu (Greece- Agios Mateos) in the following period. Conductor is professor of music Branislav Pešić and director of choir is professor Rada Lazarević.

Conductor of the mixed choir “Učiteljska lira”, Branislav Pešić is born in Niš on 17.04.1981. He graduated at Faculty of Arts in Niš, thus giving professional edge to amateur choir. Branislav Pešić is leading this four-part choir for 7 years already. He successfully performed at concerts in Niš, other towns in Serbia and abroad at international festivals, while “Učiteljska lira” worthily represented its city and Serbia.

In memoriam: Jovica Gavrilović, music professor 06.10.2016.

06.10.2016. Uncle Joca, (his well-known nickname) is, unfortunaly, no longer with us. There is a lot that could be said about him, but it would not be enough to describe all of his qualities and accomplishments. He was very fruitful creator, composer of numerous choral, instrumental pieces, as well as music for children. Performer of distinct sensibility and great connoisseur of musical expression. Gavrilović started building his career from music teacher position in elementary school „Ljupče Nikolić“. He was a founder of music school „Vlastimir Đorđević“ in Aleksinac. „Uncle Joca“ became professor of famous Pedagogical University in Aleksinac and professor of Music College in Niš. His legacy consists of hundreds of cocncerts,festivals, arrangements, scores and couple of books. However, most prominent among other works are his compositions for children. Gavrilović loved children, unrereservedly devoted to them in his work. Jovica Gavrilović left us his opus of compositions that is enough for his name to be mentioned, for many years to come. Music teachers did shaped, cheriched, developed and slowly built those foundation of future music life. Beside devoted work and contribution of all music teachers, whereby elementary schools, high school or teaching school, nobody did it better than Jovica Gavrilović, at least with generations of elementary-schoolers. His talent and diligance had to emerge out of his conventional frame of teaching at elementary school „Ljupče Nikolić“. This musician of great talent, big-hearted man, eternally young and almost in possesion of boyish spirit, came to idea of forming the first children orchestra in Aleksinac. It was a mixed orchestra, with guitar along Orph's instrumentarium and piano, since Jovica was a skilled pianist. Repertoire of ensemble consisted of childrens songs, ethnic melodies, popular pieces of various genres, original compositions and pieces from classical repertoire, all of aforementioned arranged in „Uncle Joca“ style. The word has spreaded about this ensemble of unordinary sound, and consequently, numerous performances took place over Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. Their performances were aired by Radio Belgrade and Radio Niš. Guest appearences took place at TV shows „Magnet“ and „Sunday Afternoon“ by Television Belgrade. In time, ensemble attracted always growing number of music students, further improving the work of orchestra. Since Jovica's career led him first to Pedagogical Academy, and later to Music College in Niš, this ensemble ceased its work. However, at the initiative of music school, ensemble has been renewed. Since 2009, ensemble has performed at almost every concert in music school, as documented in upcoming monography of Music school „Vladimir Đorđević“.

први део:
1.Тиха ноћ - аранжман
2.Што се море мисли моје - аранжман
3.Љубила сам црно око - аранжман
4.Све док је твога благог ока - аранжман
5.Мој најлепши сан – Јовица Гавриловић
6.Он је био моја прва љубав – Јовица Гавриловић
7.Нема више старог Ниша – аранжман
Музичка пауза – клавир Марко Миливојевић
други део:
1.Хајде Като хајде злато – аранжман
2.Хајд на Рогаљ момче – аранжман
3.Девојче плавојче – аранжман
4.Звони звонце,чобан тера овце – аранжман
5.Три сам дана кукурузе брала – аранжман
6. Милица је вечерала – аранжман
7. Бољарка – аранжман
8.Невен коло – аранж,ман
9.Јечам жњела – аранжман

Концерт је посвећен лику и делу композитора сарадника и драгог пријатеља
пост хумно Јовици Гавриловић по идеји гђе Миленије Крстић, која је 18 година сарађивала са композитором.
Руководилац хора:Професор Рада Лазаревић